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  • May 2019:
    King Jarrah TreeWellington National Park has its own King Jarrah Tree. Estimated to be 300-500 years old, this is apparently the oldest, and tallest, tree in the park.

    You will also find Honeymoon Pool a short drive away. On a hot day, definitely worth a swim!

  • April 2019:
    Gnomesville Western AustraliaEver wonder where Gnomes live? Or where they go after they’re done switching between elevators during the holiday season? Gnomesville, Western Australia is the quaint little town where over 3,000 Gnomes have taken up residence, charming visitors with their wonderful hospitality.

  • March 2019:
    Western Australia's Longest WaterslideInformation on Western Australia’s longest waterslide has been added to Dave’s Western Australia adventures!

  • September 2018:
    Carnivorous Plants: for those who like to stand out.Spring time. Some plants show their appreciation of the season by throwing up lots of flowers. With lots of flowers comes lots of bugs. Dave’s babies have their own solution to the bug problem. RockyRocky and Dave spent some time together on a road trip to play in a park.

  • August 2018:
    MalibuMalibu had some more cuddle/play time with Uncle Dave, and decided to pose for the camera to capture the moment. Moonlight SonataMoonlight Sonata is a piano sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven, completed in 1801 and dedicated in 1802 to his pupil, Countess Giulietta Guicciardi. The nickname came from a Berlin critic named Ludwig Rellstab who, in 1832 described the famous first movement as like “a boat passing the wild scenery of Lake Lucerne in the moonlight.” Otherwise it would be called the slightly less romantic “Piano Sonata in C Minor op 27 no 2.”

  • July 2018:
    Game of Thrones!While we’re stuck waiting 1 more year for the exciting conclusion to Game of Thrones, here’s Dave playing the main theme song in tribute. Keep a special lookout for the Night King and dragons!

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