Pond #1

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This is our first pond. Showing the construction, building, cleaning, and everything in between. I love ponds and water gardens. I have quite a few with waterfalls, water lilies, water lotus, shebunkin fish, and a variety of decore.
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The first pond came about one year when we were trying to figure out a good Xmas gift for my mom. My mom had wanted a pond, and we managed to get a good kit on a great deal, so we were committed!

As a bonus, with Mother’s Day in spring, we figured it would be the perfect gift for that day too.

For anyone considering a pond, if you put a little thought into it, it’ll be a very rewarding experience. Be careful though — you might fall so in love with your creation you’ll want to expand it, which is how our second pond came to be.

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Cleaning the PondMinor maintanence is needed to keep any pond clean and healthy. After the first year, the pond was drained to inspect the liner. For this task, a Sears shop-vac worked wonders.

Cleaning the Pond
Most water garden books recommend putting plants in pots with holes (the ones that look like drainers). Put plants in solid plastic pots instead. Otherwise, the roots grow through the holes, pushing all the dirt out and into the pond.

Refill the pond, and reintroduce the fish slowly one at a time so if something’s wrong, the whole school won’t be lost.

After the first year, the pond should establish a healthy eco-system, so further drainings are not necessary. Just keep the filters running clean, and take care to remove junk/debris that accumulates in the water.


Total time involved in construction: 1 week.
Professionals used, required, or consulted: 0.
Completed appearance: awesome
Side effect: bragging rights
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