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  • March 2020:
    Some humor has been added to Dave’s carnivorous plants page. Hope you enjoy!

  • September 2019:
    Dave playing the piano in an orchard

    Marrinup P.O.W. CampDave traveled into the bush to visit the Marrinup P.O.W. Camp. Built in 1943 as a “cage in the bush”, the camp held German/Italian prisoners from WWII until they were repatriated, with the last prisoners leaving in 1946. The camp is preserved as a historical site. Definitely worth a visit for any war and/or history buffs!
    Marrinup Falls
    If you’re not a history buff, perhaps you’ll enjoy a side trip to Marrinup Falls. It’s isolated, peaceful, and for nature enthusiasts, there are plenty of wildflowers for eye candy during the August – October time frame.

  • May 2019:
    King Jarrah TreeWellington National Park has its own King Jarrah Tree. Estimated to be 300-500 years old, this is apparently the oldest, and tallest, tree in the park.

    You will also find Honeymoon Pool a short drive away. On a hot day, definitely worth a swim!

  • April 2019:
    Gnomesville Western AustraliaEver wonder where Gnomes live? Or where they go after they’re done switching between elevators during the holiday season? Gnomesville, Western Australia is the quaint little town where over 3,000 Gnomes have taken up residence, charming visitors with their wonderful hospitality.

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