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  • June 2020:
    Black SnakeEven wildlife now is coming out from quarantine. Check out the new photos of snakes in Dave’s American wildlife page.

  • March 2020:
    Some humor has been added to Dave’s carnivorous plants page. Hope you enjoy!

  • September 2019:
    Dave playing the piano in an orchard

    Marrinup P.O.W. CampDave traveled into the bush to visit the Marrinup P.O.W. Camp. Built in 1943 as a “cage in the bush”, the camp held German/Italian prisoners from WWII until they were repatriated, with the last prisoners leaving in 1946. The camp is preserved as a historical site. Definitely worth a visit for any war and/or history buffs!
    Marrinup Falls
    If you’re not a history buff, perhaps you’ll enjoy a side trip to Marrinup Falls. It’s isolated, peaceful, and for nature enthusiasts, there are plenty of wildflowers for eye candy during the August – October time frame.

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