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  • January 2021:
    Dave's Carnivorous PlantsDave had to rearranged some of his carnivorous plants as they’re getting too big. Check out these beautiful monsters! They’ve obviously been enjoying the Covid-lockdowns! They might not be able to eat out, but they’re certainly healthy and enjoying “eating in”. 🙂

  • December 2020:
    Rocky - Schnauzer X poodle: schnoodleDavid and Rocky got to spend some good quality fun time at a beach together over the holidays!

  • July 2020:
    KangarooDave had a few lunch dates this month. One was with a Kangaroo who loved having her neck scratched, but wasn’t impressed Dave didn’t share any of his food with her.Rocky

    The other lunch date was with Rocky, who absolutely loved his time with his Unc Dave. Check out Rocky’s pictures – you can see him smiling! 🙂

  • June 2020:
    Black SnakeEven wildlife now is coming out from quarantine. Check out the new photos of snakes in Dave’s American wildlife page.

  • March 2020:
    Some humor has been added to Dave’s carnivorous plants page. Hope you enjoy!

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