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About DaveHi everyone! Thanks for visiting! I’m just your typical bloke living around the world in various locations. It’s cheaper that way now that I’m not making yearly donations to airlines for an economy seat across the oceans. 🙂

About DaveI’ve been described as adventurous, spontaneous, cheeky, easy-going, & on rare occasions, such a geek.

About DaveBut anyway, I love my job. When not working I might be: looking at cool stuff in stores, trying new restaurants, laughing it up with friends, or most likely traveling through the wild outdoors while avoiding all those deadly little creatures that inject enough venom to drop a grizzly bear.

About DaveI definitely enjoy getting out and about, whether it’s a day in a park, weekend get-away, or holiday planned months in advance. I can be both randomly spontaneous and spontaneously random, so watch out! I love animals and nature, and the art of capturing those memorable shots with my digital camera (check out my Wildlife photos).About Dave

Future ambitions include writing at least one book, producing a movie, and finding my own Princess (metaphorically speaking).

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