South Australia

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Arkaroola Wildlife Sanctuary | Colonel William Light | Great Australian Bight Marine Park | Outback Dunnies | Port Germein, home of Australia’s longest wooden jetty | Kangaroo Island’s Remarkable Rocks | Riesling Trail | Wilpena Pound, jewel of Flinders Rangers

Arkaroola Wildlife Sanctuary

Arkaroola is set in an incredible landscape of ranges locaed with precious minerals and waterholes nestled inside tall gorges. As remote as it is, Arkaroola protects endangered species such as the yellow-tailed rock wallaby. It’s signature attraction is a 4WD tour along an insanely steep track atop the Flinders Ranges culminating at Siller’s Lookout.

Colonel William Light

Colonel William Light was the first Surveyor General of Adelaide. He fixed the site and laid out the city of Adelaide in 1836, before there were any people. Being a great forward thinker, he laid out Adelaide such that:

  • the center is exactly 1 square mile
  • the streets were wide enough so carriages could make a U-turn
  • learning from the London Fire, the blocks were separate far enough so that if one portion of the city caught fire, it wouldn’t be able to spread
  • there were to be no dark places (sunlight everywhere) to prevent slums from forming
Colonel William Light
Colonel William Light
Colonel William Light


Great Australian Bight Marine Park

Great Australian BightThe Great Australian Bight formed millions of years ago when Australia separated from Antarctica, is said to be the longest line of seacliffs in the world. The Bight runs for more than 1,000 kilometers along the southern coast of Australia. You stand at the top of cliff faces that descend 55 meters straight into the ocean making you truly feel like you’re literally at the end of the world! There are awesome views from the Bunda Cliffs, where the Nullarbor Plain reaches the ocean.
Great Australian Bight
It is of oceanographic importance because its waters are transitional between warm and cold – linking the Indian and Pacific oceans. It has the longest ice-free east-west extent of coastline in the Southern Hemisphere and it is adjacent to the only circumpolar ocean.

Great Australian BightThe Southern Right Whale (among other species) visits the south coast of Australia each year. The Head of the Bight is an important nursery area for these endangered mammals.

Outback Dunnies

Outback DunnyThe Australian Outback is a harsh, unforgiving environment. Boiling hot days, chilly nights, and dry, dry conditions. It’s hard to survive out here.

Yet some Australians, have come up with creative ways to attract adventure seekers, tourists, and the just plain curious year after year.
Outback Dunny

Here I sit, broken hearted. Tried to shit, but only farted.

Earlier today, I had my chance. I went to fart, but shit in my pants.

Outback Dunny
With settlements few and far between and little vegetation for privacy, it’s easy to see why such dunnies are favored by visitors to the desert.

So next time you’re traveling through the Australian Outback and see a toilet stop, pull over. Who knows what you might find? Either way, you’ll appreciate it.

Port Germein, Australia’s longest wooden jetty

Port Germein is home to Australia’s longest wooden jetty. The jetty was used for the loading of grain onto sailing ships from all over the world. Bagged wheat came from the local area, the eastern side of the Southern Flinders Ranges via Port Germein Gorge, and from the West Coast in smaller boats.

Also along the jetty be sure to take note of the lighthouse and the clockface tide guage, which was originally near the entrance to the Port Pirie shipping channel.

Port Germein

The Jetty. Can you see the end?

Kangaroo Island’s Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable RocksRemarkable RocksWho would have thought Mother Nature to be an abstract artist? The Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island’s southwest coast proves she is. These granite beauties, located on top of a granite dome, not only offer great views of the ocean, but are plenty of fun to climb on! They are one of Kangaroo Island’s best known icons, and a must see for visitors!

Remarkable RocksRemarkable RocksThe best time to visit is early morning or late evening with the sunrise/sunset to bring out the rock’s awesome red tint. As a bonus, there’s a seal colony not a ten minute drive around the corner!

Riesling Trail

The Riesling Trail is a 27km pathway ideal for cyclists. It’s built on the old railway line between Clare and Auburn, and provides a link between the many villages of Clare Valley. It operates in both directions with gentle gradients. The best part? Several wineries located in the Clare Valley are accessible directly from the trail. It’s perfect for wine tasting as you don’t have to worry about having a designated driver — only being able to keep your balance on the bike after a few drinks.

Riesling Trail Riesling Trail Riesling Trail Riesling Trail

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound

Looking into the Pound

The jewel of the Flinders Ranges, it’s a huge “crater rim” rising out of the plains; a vast natural amphitheatre, ringed with sheer cliffs and jagged rocks that change color according to the light.

Wilpena Pound consists of a resort and caravan/camping park. The resort is partly powered by the largest solar-powered system in the Southern Hemisphere.

The visitor center has information on all the nearby walks, including this one up to the top of the pound. Spectacular views reward those willing to embark on them.
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