Pond #2

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The second pond. We significantly expanded the first pond and water gardens. We added more waterfalls, water lilies, water lotus, a bigger filter, and other goodies.
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Pond #2 came about as a result of the liner from Pond #1’s liner becoming brittle and cracking after two years.

Lesson learned. ALWAYS spend the extra money and get a good long lasting liner.

Before that unfortunate discovery, my mom and I knew we wanted more — more room for more plants, more water features, and a few more fish.

Here’s the fabulous results after about a week’s worth of sudden, careful planning and digging. We loved it so much, we wanted more, so our third pond was born.

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Upgrading Pond #1 to Pond #2 had to be completed on very short notice because the original cheap liner broke in several places unexpectedly.


The fish appreciated the increased space because we had our first batch of babies!

Pond 2 Pictures Pond 2 Pictures Pond 2 Pictures Pond 2 Pictures Pond 2 Pictures Pond 2 Pictures
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