Pond #3

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The third pond. We expanded the edges, did some fine tuning. I love ponds and water gardens. This one has 4 water features, safer plant shelves, more water plants, shebunkin fish, and an “invisible” edge.
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We wanted a few minor enhancements, so commenced another expansion. Not as big as the changes between Pond #1 and Pond #2, but still a few we had overlooked.

When upgrading Pond #2 to Pond #3, the biggest issue to resolve is where the fish could be kept for a few weeks. The solution? “Tub Med” — a soaking tub in the master bath.

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The three major enhancements were 1) to have the plant shelves slope slightly backwards so plants wouldn’t fall forward into pond; 2) dig a dedicated lotus plant shelf; 3) put in a very shallow shelf that we could line with rocks to make the edge a bit more “transparent”.


Construction went smoothly. Several years later, everything’s still running perfectly. The results? Looking at the pictures and videos, I’d say I’ve earned bragging rights. 🙂

Pond #3 Pond #3 Pond #3 Pond #3 Pond #3 Pond #3 Pond #3 Pond #3 Pond #3


Pond #3 Pond #3


Pond #3 Statistics

Average Depth: 27 inches.

Amount of water to:
  * Shelf B: 192 gallons
  * Shelf C: 362 gallons
  * Shelf D: 523 gallons
  * Top: 647 gallons

Time to fill to:
  * Shelf B: 26 minutes
  * Shelf C: 50 minutes
  * Shelf D: 71 minutes
  * Top: 96 minutes

Depth: 18.75 inches.
Average Depth: 13.50 inches.

Amount of water to:
  * Shelf C: 170 gallons
  * Shelf D: 231 gallons
  * Top: 355 gallons

Time to fill to:
  * Shelf C: 24 minutes
  * Shelf D: 45 minutes
  * Top: 70 minutes

Average Depth: 7.75 inches.

Amount of water to:
  * Shelf D: 161 gallons
  * Top: 285 gallons

Time to fill to:
  * Shelf D: 21 minutes
  * Top: 46 minutes

Average Depth: 2.25 inches.

Amount of water to:
  * Top: 124 gallons

Time to fill to:
  * Top: 25 minutes

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